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Do Not Let a Leaky Roof Cost You More Money Than It Has To

Is Your Roof Leaking? Better Call a Lafayette Roofing Service ASAP!!!

Most people can agree that roof maintenance is not an exciting renovation to make on your home, but it is essential nonetheless. Why? Well for starters, the roof is the main defense system for your home from the weather outside. It keeps your family and belongings safe and dry. Some homeowners ignore the common signs of roof damage and leaks until it is too late and they need a whole new roof. In a lot of cases, this is earlier than it needs to be. Regular inspections from a Lafayette roofing contractor will help you save time and money.

Small leaks can cost thousands of dollars in repair bills when ignored!!!

Water can travel a long way from where it enters through a roof leaving damage in its path. If you see signs of a leaky roof such as water spots or peeling paint on the ceiling, you should get in contact with a Lafayette roof repair service ASAP, If you don't, here are some of the things that can result.

Mold - Water and wood do not mix. In fact, when it comes in contact with water repeatedly rot and mold can happen. When not fixed and removed, it can get into your HVAC system and cause respiratory hazards for those living in the home.

Fire Danger - Water and electrical also do not mix! Roof leaks increase the risk of fire in your home. Contacting a reliable Lafayette roofing company for repairs at the first sign of a leak will help prevent moisture from getting into your electrical work.

Wasted Energy - A leaking roof will drive up the cost of your monthly energy bill. Water can also damage the insulation in your attic and prevent it from thermoregulation your home properly all year long. This will certainly increase your monthly energy consumption, not to mention the cost of new insulation and installation.

Lost Money - A leaky roof lets water into the drywall and framework of your home, failure to correct it ASAP is only going to increase your damage expenses. You can avoid thousands of dollars in repair damages to the interior of your home by simply having a Lafayette roof repair expert perform an inspection and patch any leaks they find.

Don't let a leaky roof cost you more money than it has to!

If you are dealing with a roof leak or you just want to get a free inspection for peace of mind, our friendly and knowledgeable Lafayette roofers are ready to assist you!

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March 26, 2021
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