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Choosing The Best Material For Your Walnut Creek Roofing Project

Residential Walnut Creek Roofing Services

Which Roofing Material Is Best For Your Home?

A critical step when getting a new roof is choosing the best material for your home. As a Walnut Creek roofer, we know that the roofing product you use can either enhance the style and beauty of your home or decrease its curb appeal and leave you wondering what went wrong. Before propelling into any new roofing project, take some time to look at and consider many different kinds of materials so that you will obtain a roof that is ideal for your home.

Start your material quest by viewing different homes in your community. The more roofs you see, the better of an idea you will start to get about what you like. As you look at different materials, think about how they will fit with the architecture and style of your home, as well as how it will fit in with your neighbors' houses too.

A knowledgeable Walnut Creek roof repair and replacement contractor can help you find and install the best roofing materials for your home!!!

Roofing Materials

You may be surprised by some of the newer roofing materials. It is very possible that some of the roofing that you like best is made of materials that you would not expect. For instance, many kinds of metal roofing are made as individual shingles, in shapes and textures that are very much like tile, slate, or wood shingles.

Looks are important, but so is durability. Check out the lifespan of different types of roofing material. The lifespan for the material you choose can range from 20-30 years for asphalt and composition shingles, and up to 50 years and beyond for metal, tile, and slate roofing. Be sure you factor maintenance into the equation when making your decision.

For Help Choosing The Right Material For Your Home, Call a Local Walnut Creek Roofing Contractor!!!

With the different styles, looks, and materials in mind, you are now ready to look at the cost. The most long-lasting roofing materials are typically the most expensive but do not assume that the highest quality materials are the best choice for your home, budget, or needs. If you plan on living on your home for a long time, then it might make sense to invest in the material that provides the look that you like best, regardless of the price.

However, if you are moving in a few years, you may not see enough of a return on your investment to justify spending the money on that material. There are many affordable products that will defend your home for many years while still giving it a striking look. So, spend some time considering all of the different material options so that you save yourself time, money, and effort later on when it comes time to call your local contractor.


Whether you are looking to replace or repair your existing roof, we install the highest type of quality in the roofing industry. Our GAF Certified team thoroughly inspects all residential projects and customizes a solution for the repair or replacement of your roof.

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August 20, 2020
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