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Residents in the San Francisco Bay Area know how favorable our weather most of the time but when it gets ugly it can get wreak a lot of havoc on your home, so having a Lafayette roof repair pro that they can count on is a highly important measure in proper home maintenance. Many property owners do all that they can to ensure everything is working appropriately and effectively but some things go to the wayside because it is simply out of sight. While it is no problem to identify a leaky faucet or a broken window, other things around your home are not as easy to diagnose with the untrained eye, such as your roof.

It is often not thought about by many homeowners, but your roof is the principal defender of your home versus the punishment from the elements year in and out. In many cases, people wait until a leak transpires to call upon a roofer which is a very bad move! Crafty homeowners know that many Lafayette roofing contractors offer free inspections and estimates so one of the cleverest choices you can make to protect your home and family is to schedule yearly examinations and catch problems when they are small.

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Understanding how long your roof should last is also of great benefit for a property owner. Without really bad climate conditions, an asphalt rooftop can last 20-30 years without demanding to be replaced. If you own a metal roof you should get up to 50 years of life out of it with proper maintenance and some luck from the weather. Own a home for long enough and you will certainly have to undergo some sort of repair or replacement by a Lafayette roofer at some point.


Top-rated roofers in Lafayette suggest that you schedule a professional inspection every spring and fall or at least once a year. Ignore your roof long enough and you are not going to know when the damage happened or how bad they are. Additionally, if you want to make a claim on your homeowner's insurance policy you must act quickly as every company has different time limitations that the claim must be made within.

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January 13, 2020
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